Brand: Cigaronne


Type: Hybrid


Tar amount: 4mg, 5mg, 6mg, 7mg


Quantity: 10


Packing form: flip top wooden box


Place of production: Europe


Sales form: foreign import packaging


Main color: black packaging


Secondary tones: white, silver, blue, brown


Tobacco branches: fine, ultra-fine


Overall score: 9.9


Product status: Listed


Its Chinese names: Cigar Dragon, Caberon.


Cigaronne is very well-known internationally, is one of the representatives of high-end cigarette brands in Russia, and is one of the four famous cigarettes in the world. Its cigarette wheeze ratio and smoke body ratio is 5:5, such as the matte black filter of the outer packaging, there is a 5/1 gold exhibition texture silver in the filter part, the proportion of this silver decoration is exactly the proportion of nagging holding the mouthpiece, light a slow inhalation, the taste is slightly moderate, the aroma is charming, the mixed cigar taste is very comfortable to smoke, overall it is not bad, not like the packaging to give people an unexpected and amazing taste, but this appearance absolutely no words, this is still very sought-after in China, Most smokers use it as a gift or leader's. This is not cost-effective as a ration, after all, it is still relatively expensive.


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